Refund policy

1. All orders that haven’t been started qualify for a full refund, unless the order has already been started by a booster. The payment may exclude payment processing fees.

2. Orders that have been started and are part-way through completion are still eligible for a partial refund where the refund amount will correspond to how much progress we have already made on the order (Eg. order 70% completed, refund amount 30% of original payment).

3. For all calibration orders we fail to deliver our win rate guarantee on, we will issue you either a 50% refund or offer you a compensation boost to make up for it.

4. Refunds will be done using the same payment method that was initially used to make the purchase, or refunded as store credit for future use.

5. All refunded payments will not include a ~5% fee that payment processor charges for each transaction. This clause only applies to customer requested refunds. Not applicable to duplicate transactions, account bans, misc.