Apex kill boost

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Needing some extra help to grind kills? You’ve come to the right place!


1 Quantity = 100 Kills


Once the purchase is made, join the Discord and lets get the order started!




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136 reviews for Apex kill boost

  1. Reptil679_TTV (verified owner)


  2. theansvv3r- (verified owner)

    Really good treatment, recommended to my friends!!

  3. Fastxia (verified owner)

    Really good Page good treatment fast and cheap you should use 100% recommended

  4. Davido (verified owner)

    Very good prompt service

  5. CutieDog41 (verified owner)

    they made a D4-Master in a short time ! i was so shcoked !! they guys are incredible thanks a lot

  6. Kieran1905 (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t ask anyone else, This guy is a beast. Thank you so much!!

  7. Johnny_LUv (verified owner)

    simple, fast, and effective I recommend 100% this site I am not disappointed and they have been listening to my expectations.

  8. GnesXT (verified owner)

    20 bomb done in fast time, this boosting service was insane

  9. KnuzaSn (verified owner)

    This boosting service is crazy, trusted!!

  10. AkloxNaught (verified owner)

    diamond 4 – master in short time is out of my mind, Insane

  11. Camilla (verified owner)

    Super reliable and fast service.

  12. Glock (verified owner)

    Went to bed diamond woke up Master, Super fast start and completion!

  13. Within1 (verified owner)

    Have ordered from these guys multiple times always fast and efficient, very professional. 100% recommend OneClique

  14. TGiyuu (verified owner)

    Fast, easy and cheap. Would choose them over any other booster!

  15. NO¥ (verified owner)

    Last split was Fast and reliable!!! Can’t wait to order more this split!!!

  16. Prime21 (verified owner)

    Thank you so much! Kind, helpful, and he completed the order very fast. Excellent service.

  17. Zack663 (verified owner)

    They jumped straight into the order kept communication throughout the whole order definitely would recommend

  18. f3arm3 (verified owner)

    very fast and worth its money compared to other boosters

  19. Ridge (verified owner)

    Awesome chill and nice fellas. They did it super quick and are really good players 100% recommend over any site

  20. Justin (verified owner)

    Excellent service and will be back as a customer!

  21. Denver Lee (verified owner)

    very good booster makes it seem so easy! … very responsive to messages, commited to the order will have it completed in no time… pleased to of have had him assigned to my order

  22. RhymezDG (verified owner)

    Awesome booster. Really friendly, gentle and he did the job in a short time. Recommended.

  23. Spy420 (verified owner)

    Absolute work excellent. Highly recommended. Thanks very much!

  24. Yams (verified owner)

    Really nice, super fast and VERY VERY trustworthy, if i were to boost again…. it would be from this site, absolute LEGENDs

  25. IMBOOSTED (verified owner)

    Amazing booster got my order done 3x quicker than the estimated time. Would buy again, excellent service

  26. RooK (verified owner)

    Hoghy recommend! They were very professional and nice and hopped onto my order within minutes.

  27. Tr (verified owner)

    10/10 they get badges really quick

  28. Scei (verified owner)

    Completed the 4k 20kill badge in 20 mins! Couldn’t recommend more, all the guys are friendly too!

  29. SilentXDusk (verified owner)

    Real quick work, guy is amazing at the job and I couldn’t have asked for better service, to the one who got the badges for me, you know who you are, you a real one

  30. PredGawd (verified owner)

    Completed the 1k RP so quick! Got me to top 100 🙂 Will definitely be ordering from OneClique Again!!!

  31. Tessy (verified owner)

    Fire service

  32. Jake P (verified owner)

    I’ve used a lot of different boosting websites but Oneclique is by far the fastest service, the fact i can speak to my booster at anytime reassures me that i’m in good hands. 10/10

  33. Shooter96 (verified owner)

    Thank you!!! My booster is so cracked i’ve been trying for months and he did it in 30 minutes?!?

  34. Oli (verified owner)

    great support and i love the service

  35. Cos2 (verified owner)

    Amazing support, quick completion and went over and beyond what I asked for.

  36. Jordan Hen (verified owner)

    They were very professional and surprisingly very quick. I highly recommend!

  37. Dan Hoar (verified owner)

    Loved it! Service was amazing and I was skeptical at first but man it was better than expected worth the money as well!!!

  38. Adam B (verified owner)

    The quality of service is amazing and if you order for it to be streamed just makes it that much more amazing. Paid for ranked boosting and it was super quick and great gameplay every match.

  39. Em (verified owner)

    super fast, solid and reliable i would suggest you use these guys if you are browsing!

  40. Andy (verified owner)

    These folks always do a great job communicating with me to get my order complete and I’m never unhappy with the results. They are quick and efficient and work around my schedule and when I want to play. Would always recommend!

  41. PH (verified owner)

    Best booster service around…Guaranteed!!!!! Will definitely recommend this service to everyone

  42. Ben S (verified owner)

    My booster was amazing and ver professional. Got my order done in a faster time than expected. Would definitely used them again!

  43. Sheesh (verified owner)

    20 bomb, 4K, triple triple only took one hour from order to done. Shullzy is a goat

  44. Nick (verified owner)

    No matter the size of the order, they will complete it and faster as heck. Thank you guys.

  45. szz (verified owner)

    D4-Master boost done with ease, would recommend. TY!

  46. Pent (verified owner)

    Extremely fast, like surprisingly fast. Very very responsive. 11/10 service. Will be coming back soon

  47. John Paul (verified owner)

    Amazing team! Super friendly and helpful! Got me to Diamond the same day ! I highly recommend !

  48. LooneyTune (verified owner)

    Just wanted the 20 and got done in less then an hour. Cheapest and probably the fastest

  49. derek (verified owner)

    these guys are awesome. been fighting forever to get my last 20 bomb and decided to try this route. dude went above and beyond. and got it done in no time. would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a boost

  50. Jj219 (verified owner)

    Brilliant from the off! Comms were great, time scale given and badges done in less than half that! Trusted 1000% will definitely use again! You guys are awesome

  51. Clay (verified owner)

    Great and very fast service! Definitely will use again!

  52. Edward (verified owner)

    These guys are the true definition of boosting. They got me from platinum to predator. I would highly recommend going with these guys. They communicate with you. Update you on how much RP they get that day and even let you know when they are login in to your account. I would 10/10 recommend them to anyone struggling to hit any rank. Il be going with these guys for every season from now on 🙂

  53. Lgn (verified owner)

    Fast and easy will definitely be back
    I recommend joining their discord too!

  54. Khao (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t trust anyone else by far the best!

  55. Steve (verified owner)

    Super fast completion, amazingly nice boosters and staff.

  56. Ryan (verified owner)

    Once again another quick and reliable service pred both splits with easy would 100% recommended these demons for all of your boosting needs will have some great conversations with these guys as well would rate higher than 5 star if I could

  57. Rich (verified owner)

    Amazing work from team!! Great communication and speedy service would recommend to anyone struggling with a goal

  58. DK (verified owner)

    So fast to deliver, would recommend to anyone

  59. Unknown (verified owner)

    THIS IS REAL. So don’t be scared great work, fast asf 25 mins tops

    Give it a go you won’t regret it

  60. Steph (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t trust or go to anyone else for boosting , amazing time on order completion and very friendly with great communication / kept me posted the entire time . I will definitely be coming back and very highly recommend . Thanks again !.

  61. Gem (verified owner)

    Second time using these guys and another brilliant and positive experience. Cant recommend enough and 100% trustworthy. Plus love all the witty banter thrown In amongst the kindness of the guys. You know I will definitely be back.

  62. JP (verified owner)

    Fast and reliable, and great guys to talk to. Definitely the best out there.

  63. Jinx (verified owner)

    Picture speaks for itself.

    Fast and reliable like always. Guys are the best around

  64. Main Gibby (verified owner)

    These guys are real grinders! Plat 3 – Diamond 3 in a day! Saved me a lot of time from solo q!

  65. Hardstuck Pred (verified owner)

    Wouldnt go anywhere else for a pred boost! Noone else compares to the amount of effort these guys put in !

  66. anthiny (verified owner)

    shullzy is a great amazing booster i purchased ALL legends 4k 20 bomb and he got it done in 2 days these guys are amazing

  67. Roadtopro (verified owner)

    Super fast boost. Really friendly and quick service. Would recommend to everyone and will definitely be back.

  68. Brad (verified owner)

    Super fast work, very reliable team of boosters. Will absolutely use again!

  69. derek andrew hungerman (verified owner)

    They always get the job done in a day or two they will raise your kd get you multiple ranked wins you account info is 100 percent secure they even gave me some good tips for pred lobbies 10/10 highly recommend.

  70. Natalie Paquette (verified owner)

    honestly, I was thinking I was about to lose my account the second I bought the order, but they were legit and, not only did it fast, but are super dope guys. I got my 20 bomb within 40 minutes. Thanks a bunch and will for sure come back another time

  71. imabot (verified owner)

    very fast and very friendly would recommend

  72. Chewiy (verified owner)

    Only came for 2 20 bombs but for their unbeatable price I ended up getting 3 more ! All done very fast after purchase. Highly recommend

  73. Yves (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible community. Hands down, the most professional group of people that I’ve ever come in contact with! Got me from D4-Masters in less than a day and kept me updated the entire time! Shoutout to the King for the progress! There is a reason why these guys are number one, and they’ll definitely stay that way! Keep up the amazing work

  74. Raul (verified owner)

    Went to bed being in diamond 4 to wake up the next morning in Masters. They are legit and 100% save and has the best communication with the customer. Would definitely recommend using this service. ❤️

  75. Ty (verified owner)

    Very fast and quick. Very professional service. Worth the money

  76. Vadim (verified owner)

    Highly recommend very professional with what they do!

  77. Deez (verified owner)

    There the best for this job

  78. PHYSIXX-_- (verified owner)

    1000/10 recommend getting your boosts legit from the OQB guys. Fast reliable & rewarding service

    I only purchased the “Platinum > Diamond” boost and I got 2 bonus 4K badges! Speechless..

  79. Octane2584 (verified owner)

    Amazing work, 800 pc in just 3 hours I highly recommend

  80. Best Service (verified owner)

    The best service ever. I was stuck and just needed a boost to pred and they delivered with best communication and great service. Would highly recommend this boosting service.Thank you So much

  81. EZe (verified owner)

    I’ve only ever had positive experiences with this website and their boosters, but WholSnext went above and beyond for my ranked boost. They were incredibly accommodating and communicative until my order was completed. I’ll most definitely be requesting them by name in the future!

  82. Tyler (verified owner)

    I just wanna start by saying if you’re looking for those badges you need stop right here your search has ended these guys are the real deal now believe me I read a lot of reviews and was very very hesitant on this. I have spent 100s on my account getting hierlooms event skins and just overall money and time into my account so I said okay I’ll pop into the discord immediately after the owner messages me and just made me feel good about it secure and confident it would happen when I passed over my info I was shaking and these guys just made me feel again secured I got updated the whole entire time pictures of games and everything I wanted at that point I knew these guys are the real deal customer service is through the roof. Very polite 10/10 would recommend

  83. John Dyer (verified owner)

    The fastest boosters out there and the friendliest for sure! Definitely coming to site site a lot more 🙂

  84. Incognito (verified owner)

    Everytime I doubt these guys they kill it. 40 mins away from split and I’m safe to keep my pred rank. It just doesn’t get any better than OCB

  85. Conner (verified owner)

    Requested a 4K badge and it was done within a few games. Whole process was very easy and everyone was super nice to talk to!

  86. Random (verified owner)

    Very fast service and always great with communication 10/10 recommend !

  87. Som (verified owner)

    Shullzy completed multiple orders for me in no time at all & had great communication throughout. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a 20 bomb, ranked boost, etc. I love these guys!

  88. Samuel Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Can’t get the picture working, bit of a boomer, but. The service was incredibly fast, and even for a person like me who is not too good with tech it was very wasy. 10/10 100% legit best boosting services out there.

  89. Mike (verified owner)

    This is like my 5th time getting something done. Diamond to masters was quick. Took a day tops. And always legit. I highly recommend. Fast with responses which is always a plus to feel safe and secure!

  90. Tom McDonald (verified owner)

    wouldnt go anywhere else really fast service and really good guys in there

  91. Matthew Hughes (verified owner)

    10/10 service done 100 kill boost within 3 hours of ordering and communicated well with me the entire time

  92. Pon (verified owner)

    Fast service. User friendly. Very quick response in the discord community. Definitely will re-purchase the service again sometime soon!

  93. Diamond 4 (verified owner)

    Went from diamond 4 to masters in a day because of these guys! They’re the real deal and do it in a timely manner.

  94. iHateMirage (verified owner)

    These guys are amazing!! Fast and trustworthy. 10/10

  95. Pred boost (verified owner)

    Great work from these guys! Got me from plat 2 to 400 pred in less than a week!

  96. iHateRandoms (verified owner)

    Amazing shoutout to Sxrk for boosting me to Diamond to masters, he did it quick and kept you updated 24/7. These guys don’t disappoint 10/10

  97. Jeremy (verified owner)

    100% legit great fast service highly recommended

  98. SEB (verified owner)

    Mad Maggie Pre-Order Bundle! What can I say: INCREDIBLE!! I ordered the Mad Maggie pre-order bundle before launch and like One Clique Boosting promised, they completed it as soon as the character was released, the same exact day! Took maybe 30 minutes! These guys are awesome! Do not hesitate to order any kind of package from them as you will absolutely not be disappointed! Any and all kind of badges, BR ranked, ARENA ranked etc. etc.! This team is super fast and incredibly legit! Will be back for even more!!! Thanks again One Clique Boosting!!!

  99. John B (verified owner)

    Fantastic service, friendly, fast, and kind. Great team of people here offering terrific boosting services. I definitely recommend.

  100. Frank (verified owner)

    Once again, bought a 20 bomb and 4k damage and they didn’t let me down. Within 3hrs this was completed. Also ordered 7krp to 10k rp within 2 full days, I was a in my desires rank. I then bought a 20k, 4k damage and triple triple while booster had my account and he delivered within hrs of my order. Stop using anyone else and go to onecliqueboosting, you won’t be disappointed. If I could write higher review I would

  101. Liam (verified owner)

    They were quick, communicative and started asap. Excellent people to work with.

  102. AimbotBruh (verified owner)

    My booster NoyClark was insane with the ranked grind and got me from Plat to Diamond in just a few hours. They had great communication throughout the process and I won’t go anywhere else for my ranked/badge boosts!

  103. Anthony (verified owner)

    Very professional, inviting, and easy to use service. Immediately after placing my order they were in contact with me on discord with easy to follow instruction in order for them to begin. Order was started immediately and was completed only a few hours later which far exceeded my expectation. Couldn’t recommend the service enough! Worth every penny considering quotes on other sites were nearly double!

  104. CL (verified owner)

    They did a great Job! Platinum 4 to Diamond 4 in less then 8 hours. Great communication 5/5 will do business again.

  105. Stig (verified owner)

    5☆ for a fast 20 bomb 4k

  106. RumpleForeskin (verified owner)

    Look nowhere else for badge & ranked boosts! What would of taken me days to do, they do in mere hours & has been a godsend for those who are too busy with work to grind ranked 24/7.

  107. Monday (verified owner)

    The monster of a booster jedydeady got me from hardstuck diamond to masters in just a matter of a few hours. These boosters are putting in the WORK & at a really affordable price considering how much time it would usually take to grind up the ranks & the frustration that can come with it. I highly recommend their services!

  108. Weeyaan (verified owner)

    Back again with the Ranked boost..Shinobi got me over the finishing line..Diamond secured and now the kill grind begins. No more ranked on 20fps..jokes aside..the best boosting service period..dont go nowhere else. VOUCH2022

  109. David (verified owner)

    Amazing! Instant communication and badges were delivered within the hour. They are the real deal.

  110. Goated (verified owner)

    These guys never fail, they are quick with their orders. Also they communicated perfectly the whole time. 1000000/10 recommended

  111. Perk (verified owner)

    One clique is quite honestly the greatest place to get your boosting done! The community is nice welcoming and the boosters are very friendly and have great communication. I recommend this website to all of my friends and anyone who needs help!

  112. K.dot (verified owner)

    Thank you guys so much!

  113. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I order a rank boost Diamond 4 to Master since i was stuck on Diamond, they was very organized and professional the booster hit it fast and leaving updates! Big Shootout to Jedydeady love how fast it made this possible yall kill it guys

  114. Guilty (verified owner)

    When it comes to boosting in ranked or kills, OneCliqueBoosting is my go to every time. The team is great at what they do & they do it fast!

  115. Cluds (verified owner)

    Very fast on badge boosting! Bought several badge boosts from them previously and all have been done very quickly apart from one but was corrected as soon as i mentioned 🙂

    Will be buying again!

  116. Frankie (verified owner)

    Once again, these guys killed it. No hesitation and 100 determination on people’s orders. If u ain’t using oneclique boosting for your needs. You are doing it wrong!!!

  117. Joshu (verified owner)

    Buy 2 20kill+4K damage they took care of my order right away and it was fast no problem at all shoutout to the boosters SqeeZeyes & F1SSXD they was very professional love this community and have 0 regrets

  118. Shino (verified owner)

    Good job nothing to say simple and effective bravo

  119. Josh (verified owner)

    20bomb + 4k badges shout out to YaClapped for hook me out and being so professional w their business

  120. Losto (verified owner)

    Fast service and lovely community!

  121. Tem (verified owner)

    Very good and fast ☺️

  122. Kat (verified owner)

    OneClique is professional, fast, communicative, and easy. I highly recommend using their services & joining the discord.

  123. GG (verified owner)

    Always incredibly friendly and they go above getting the job done. They got me to masters & keep me in the top percentage for seasonal kills like it’s a walk in the park!

  124. Dddssk (verified owner)

    Amazing! Life got crazy and they helped me finish the last push I wanted to achieve.

    Fast nice professional and just overall awesome!!!

  125. Anonymous (verified owner)

    D1-Arena Pred Boost. Oneclique handled my order and completed it in one day. They are the best of the best. I recommended using them.

  126. Matt (verified owner)

    Amazing quick service! Was completed so fast and with great communication!

  127. Sam (verified owner)

    Thanks to YaClapped and SeRRuM for this INSANE game,totally worth the price!Would totally recommand.+rep

  128. Rust (verified owner)

    Boosted me from Platinum to Diamond II in no time at all, partnering that with their incredibly friendly & professional team of course! Look no further for ranked boosts : )

  129. Graeme Ireland (verified owner)

    Really great service, fast, nice and resolve any issues I have. Amazing people.

  130. Marcellus (verified owner)

    Great Service ! Will probably recommend them 10/10 Fast And Friendly!

  131. Corn (verified owner)

    they are cracked, asked for 20 bomb & they got 27 with 5,500 along with it!! done super quick!

  132. L3 (verified owner)

    Did a coaching session and was able to learn some weaknesses of my game I didn’t know about. OneClique is great and very reliable. The owners are great and really care about their customers.

  133. Nayfey (verified owner)

    Have used the site twice, everyone’s always very helpful and it hasn’t ever taken long at all. Recommend highly!

  134. jordan (verified owner)

    Didn’t take them long at all to carry out my request. Service was top notch and they explained the steps carefully to ensure my safety. got my 20k badge within 2 hours.

  135. Dan (verified owner)

    Absolutely cracked! All legit no messing about! Everything is done within the 3 hour mark or less! True Apex Legends!!

  136. Recons

    Thank you for the 100 kill booST GREAT SERVICE WOUKD RECOMMEND

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